Our program packages include a private room with private bath, food, yoga, mindfulness training, guided walks in nature and optional massage, colonic therapy, and guided journeys to nearby rivers, lakes, waterfalls, caves , sacred sights and more. We do not claim to heal anything, rather we teach you how to heal yourself naturally and live a healthy lifestyle, let go of unhealthy habits and maintain vibrant health.

Our specialty and most popular program package is detoxification of body, mind and release of negative and unhealthy habits. We take you beyond the ordinary detox to experience Shinrin-yoku the name given to the Japanese art of “Forest Bathing” — ie: contemplative walks through a forest that reconnect the individual with nature and can lead to decreased stress, natural mood elevation and a stronger immune system. This mobile meditation has been recognized by the Japanese for decades. The practice can be a natural way to combat the toll of stress and anxiety. We invite you to bathe in Nepal’s awesome natural beauty. Here you are immersed in the breathtaking beauty of the world’s highest mountains, a gorgeous river canyon, acres of golden yellow rice fields, the lush green of corn and vegetable crops, and tropical forests.

Our Mission Statement

“We believe that being healthy and staying healthy does not have to be painful or require a complete change in lifestyle. Our programs promote simplicity and moderation, peacefulness and lightness of being…the middle way. Finding a ‘soul satisfying’ balanced lifestyle is the core of our philosophy of healing and having a peaceful, joyful life experience.”