Detox Program, Internal Body Cleansing

This is our most popular. It is a residential program. You can book a 3, 5, 7 day or longer. Longer programs are best unless you are highly disciplined to follow the program by yourself after a three day introduction.

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Therapies by the Hour

Individual, child and family therapies, rebirthing therapy(breathwork), Stress management, hypnosis, and reflexology. These therapies can be booked by special arrangement at $12/hour. Please call or email us for details. They may also be included in any of our residential programs.


Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga

This residential program focuses on mindfulness training and/or yoga. You may choose to have 3 one and a half hour sessions of either yoga and meditation or a combination of both. The yoga can be at beginner level or higher.

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Life Style Enhancement Program

This is an opportunity to focus on transforming an ordinary life into an extraordinary life. This all inclusive package includes room with private bath, delicious organic home prepared meals, mindfulness training, yoga, music and movement, a forest “bath” experience of mindfully connecting with nature and finding a healthy balance of meaningful work, play, and soulful social and spiritual connections in life.

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Diet, Health and Weight Control Program


This is an all inclusive program which includes room and specialized organic diet  designed to meet your individual needs, (whether you are under weight or over weight), yoga, mindfulness training and personal counseling from our resident psychotherapist and diet specialist.

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Colonic Therapy (Colema) by the hour

Colonic Therapy is offered by appointment. We use a colema board to administer the colon therapy session. You will be instructed on how to use the board in detail. It is a self administered colonic. To make it affordable we use a colema board instead of a colonic machine.

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