This program is designed to addresses a deep yearning for “transformational travel”. Technologists have created the internet which catalyzes powerful connections yet does not help peopleto connect to themselves. It’s a crisis of the soul. Mr. Tauber, a former Facebook CEO, relates that “I realized I was addicting people to their phones “It’s a crisis that is eroding our culture. Everyone has a soul, it’s a matter of finding it.”

Adam Popescu, of the New York Times observes “young and old, we’re all a generation of literal test cases. Etiquette, manners, body language, the way we respond, interact and even look is changing. Were missing a whole life happening a mere 90 degrees above our smart phones [and computers]. Start looking up!”.

Adam is referring to the posture we adapt, the downwards tilt of the head that often occurs when we are glued to our Smartphone’s or laptops. Our program is not limited to technicians; it addresses all of us who are addicted to our cyber devises. Head down or “text neck” results in loss of non verbal cues. “All ways on” smart phones cause us to remove ourselves from present reality. Cell phone use makes drivers more accident prone than drunk driving, a recent study revealed.

Our Transformational Travel program is about offering people a way out of the internet crisis of the soul and into the awakening of the “ Inner Net”, and being connected to the natural flow of a joyful engaged life. With the Transfomational Travel Program We gently guide you into looking at your life as it is, your present “reality”, and moving you more towards what you want your life to be.

The method involves actual connection and communication with human beings in the flesh. We remove you from the distractions and influences that prevent you from being more present with your five senses, getting back in your body and out of your head. This is accomplished by: learning a practice of mindfulness training and breathing techniques, connecting with nature by being immersed in the natural nurturing environment of Nepal, learning yoga, Forest Bathing (see our video), trekking in the Himalayas and experiencing the mountain villages still steeped in the true Nepali culture, dancing, chanting, playing musical instruments, hearing transformational music, art and videos, compassion practice, Tai Chi, Clearing stuck energy and negative thinking, rebirthing, and energizing practices that recharge your inner batteries. All of this is done in the context of a supportive and compassionate group along with private individual counseling.

Because, we are a small program with simple, comfortable affordable accommodations and with room for only 6 people you will receive lots of individual attention. Enjoy health conscious organic food from a local farm. Living in Nepal you will engage with a culture that is pro-communication, ignoring people is considered rude. These are happy, loving, friendly folks who have a lively curiosity and thrive on genuine connection and interaction with each other and express a profound connection with Nature. And the Nature of Nepal is awesome with the highest mountains in the world and still well preserved forests, rivers, lakes and wild life. You can sore like a bird paragliding over the mountains and Lake Fewa, go river rafting and short or long trekking abounds. Pokhara lies in the Annapurna Valley. The ancient Vedic culture is still very much alive here and the Annapurna Valley is known as the Lap of the Mother.. Just being in Her valley is a nurturing, refreshing healing experience. Its the perfect place for Transfomational Travel. If you like we can share more of the Vedic spirituality with you.
Our staff persons are seasoned counselors and life coaches, outdoor sports enthusiasts and lovers of life.

At our Retreat you will receive professional guidance and the bonus of a vacation in Nepal for a fraction of the price of programs in the West. For instance, Esalen, a popular high end retreat in California costs $2,890 for a weekend for two. At that price you could fly here, take the program and have money left over.

Your  Investment in Yourself: We charge only $22/night/person for an all inclusive package. The package includes a private room with bath, three delicious home prepared organic veg and nonveg, or vegan meals, yoga, mindfulness training, a short trek , and private life counseling plus at least three hours of activities of your choice (dancing, chanting, playing musical instruments, hearing transformational music, art and videos, compassion practice, Tai Chi, clearing stuck energy and negative thinking, rebirthing, and energizing practices that recharge your inner batteries). We encourage you to make your own program that serves your needs, its very flexible. We can also arrange a variety of optional activities that are offered in Pokhara like paragliding, longer treks, rafting and much more.

The usual stay for this program is 5 days and we recommend staying longer to absorb the full impact and lasting benefits of the program and life in Nepal. If you are a group of 3 or more we will schedule a program at your convenience and give you a 20% discount.

Here is a link to photos from one of our favorite treks to a home stay near a village called Panchasse

Here are some photos from our program classes.

Connect with our awesome natural surroundings.