We are a Yoga, Meditation and Detox Retreat and Guesthouse.

Video of the morning walk from our health retreat

Ready for a Yoga, Meditation or Detox Wellness Vacation?

Our programs are flexible and affordable. You tell us what your needs and health challenges are and together we design a program package that serves your unique situation. The foundation for all our wellness programs is Yoga and Mindfulness training. Yoga in it’s truest sense is about Mind, Body and Spirit all working together in balance and harmony…the Yoga lifestyle. And mindfulness is the key to acquiring a a healthy yoga practice. Mindfulness is about being still, connecting with Nature and letting go of stress so that we can begin to be aware of how we so easily get distracted and pulled in the directions of life that are unhealthy. All actions in life begin with a thought and we often follow that thought out of habit. Mindfulness guides us to let go of those negative thoughts and discover positive habits that lead to wellness and happiness. We learn that we have a choice to be in control of our mind instead of the mind being in control of us.
Wellness is achieved by balancing all aspects of life through deep honest enquiry into what is working in our life and what is not. The gift of mindfulness practice is being able to manage stress in our life which is the major cause of illness.  Don’t worry, be Happy, be at peace.

Special Notice: We have two locations where we offer our programs. One is a small homestay-like affordable Retreat serving a maximum of 9 persons and offering lots of individual attention. The retreat is also our home, simple, beautiful and comfortable. We are surrounded by rice farms and the Annapurna mountain foothills.

FOR GUESTS WHO WANT LUXURY we now offer the same yoga, detox and meditation programs at our alternate venue, the luxurious Castle Hotel in Pokhara’s Lakeside District. The hotel can accommadate up to 29 guests. For details and booking at the Castle Hotel click here: https://www.bookyogaretreats.com/happy-healthy-pokhara-retreat/5-days-of-yoga-and-meditation-in-view-of-the-awesome-himalayan-mountains-

We offer these services at both locations:

  •  Hatha Yoga, beginner and intermediate level
  • Mindfulness Training (Vipassana Meditation)
  • Detoxification
  • Also, we offer referrals to local extreme sports like Canyoning, River rafting, paragliding, trekking, swimming in the nearby Seti River Canyon, Zip-lining and much more.

You can choose from our prearranged all inclusive program packages or you can create your own program by contacting us with your request for a retreat of your own design.  

FOR PROGRAM AND SERVICES DETAILS: see https://pokhararetreat.com/programs-and-services/   or click on the “programs and services” tab in the menu above.

Guest and Radha on Swing at the Castle Hotel

Enjoy our Yoga in Action Video


The majestic Fishtail Mountain that can be enjoyed from our retreat Terrace

Is this Retreat for you?

As noted the main focus of our retreat is offering yoga, detox and meditation all inclusive packages. However if you have a physical illness or you are feeling exhausted and not finding life fulfilling, or you just need a rest we can guide you in pursuit of a healthy happy, soul-satisfying Health Vacation.

If you are ready and open to inquire deeply into what is keeping you feeling dissatisfied, disconnected, and disinterested with your life this is a safe and nurturing opportunity to explore a new life our resident life coach can help you.

Or maybe you just want a safe, quiet place to relax, be in a beautiful natural setting and enjoy delicious home prepared organic food, practice yoga and/or do your own thing we support you in that request as well. You are not required to engage in a program. Design your own program if you like. Just send us a note and together we will design a custom program.

What is included: Our program packages include three private rooms each with one double bed and one single bed, shared bath with hot shower year round, delicious home cooked meals to suit your preference, yoga, mindfulness training, guided walks in nature and optional massage, colonic therapy, reike, rebirthing reflexology and hypnosis. We also offer guided journeys to nearby rivers, lakes, waterfalls, caves, sacred sites and your choice of optional services by the hour if you like,

Radha enjoying the Seti River Canyon

Yoga is our most requested program. We offer Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga retreats for beginners and intermediate students and a special yoga program for senior yoga students. For all our yoga retreat packages See: https://www.bookyogaretreats.com/share/StfRSoDpfA/happy-healthy-pokhara-retreat

Detoxification of body, mind, and soul, transformation and release of negative and unhealthy habits is our second most popular program package. All programs invite you to experience “Shinrin-yoku”, the Japanese art of “Forest Bathing“: mindful walks through a near by tropical forest that reconnects you with nature and can lead to decreased stress, natural mood elevation, and a stronger immune system.

Come bathe in Nepal’s awesome natural beauty and experience the warmth of the people and vibrant culture. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the world’s highest mountains, a gorgeous river canyon, acres of golden yellow rice fields, the lush green of corn, vegetable crops, and tropical forests… all just a few steps near our retreat.

SPECIAL NOTE: IF YOU DESIRE A MORE LUXURIOUS UPSCALE VENUE : we have arranged to offer our programs at a four star hotel in Lakeside, Pokhara, called the Castle Hotel featuring a solar heated swimming pool, international gourmet cuisine and stunning views of Lake Fewa. The hotel offers a 40% discount. on accommodations for our clients who book a yoga program with us. For information and booking at this amazing Hotel and accommodations click here: .https://www.bookyogaretreats.com/share/StfRSoDpfA/happy-healthy-pokhara-retreat

Our Mission Statement “We believe that being healthy and staying healthy does not have to be painful or require a complete change in lifestyle. Our programs promote simplicity and moderation, peacefulness and lightness of being…the middle way. Guiding people to find a ‘soul-satisfying’ balanced lifestyle is at the core of our philosophy of healing and having a peaceful, joyful life experience. Let Nature be your Teacher.

Forest Bathing in Seti River Canyon near our Retreat

Our professional staff, Radha and Albert have combined their over 25 years of experience in offering Wellness services to create the Happy Healthy Pokhara Retreat.
Radha Risal

Radha Risal

Creator and Director

Radha Risal Creator and Director of Happy Healthy Pokhara Retreat is a holistic health consultant and advanced yoga teacher with five years of training and experience in herbal organic food supplements for health and healing.

Albert Schmaedick

Albert Schmaedick

Resident Volunteer Therapist

Albert Schmaedick, MA. is a resident volunteer therapist at Happy Healthy Pokhara Retreat. Albert was first introduced to meditation 25 years ago when he attended a 10-day retreat with Ruth Dennison, a Vipassana teacher and student of Goenka.

Read on for a closer look at what makes us special.
Lesser Mike

Lesser Mike


I’ve been here at Happy Healthy Pokhara Retreat, thus far, for 12 or 13 days, and I’m doing a 21 day deep detox. Albert is THE industry expert on detox, cleansing, colon therapy, meditation, yoga, reiki, massage, nature walks, and meal planning. He is a guru. He is very knowledgeable on many issues, regarding spirituality and health. He is also so patient, a result of eating right, yoga and meditation.



From Netherlands

I completed the 5-day detox retreat and really loved it. Albert has many years of experience in the field; after a long discussion of my complaints, he gave me good tips about nutrition and explained how to help myself by changing my diet. We ate organic vegetarian food every day and although it was simple, it tasted surprisingly good.



Detox program guest from france

I stayed with Albert and Radha for 5 days to complete the 5 days detox program. I really recommend it to anyone who want to take time off and learn new healthy physical and mental habits to live a healthy life. It was the 1st time I did a detox program and highly enjoyed it, both Albert and Radha are very knowledgeable in terms of which aliments...


If you want to change your life, change your mind!

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To get to us, starting from the Tourist Bus Park or the airport, walk or take a Taxi to our retreat. It is very near the airport. Taxi fare should be between 250 - 350Nrs. https://goo.gl/maps/UAVtpb4pavp
Google Map to get to our Retreat

Find us at the Office:

House 571.4
Radha Krishna Marg, Gharipatan,
Pokhara-7, Nepal

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