Online Yoga and Mindfulness training for Young and Mature Students

This online program is offered on Zoom. com. You will need to downdload the Zoom program to attend this program. Directions and prices will be explained further latter in this listing.

If you feel a desire to improve the quality of your life but not sure how to begin this program is for you. We often have great thoughts about making a commitment or resolution to do something to feel better but soon give up on our best effort. This is a motivational approach to train your mind and body to work in sync and not fail to improve. When mind and body are in harmony miracles can happen. You may often hear the saying ” the mind is strong but the body is weak”. this is a pitfall that we often slide into. For over 30 years I have been motivating people in all walks of lie.f to break out of this mindset. I began my practice of mindfulness at age 50. Now at age 77 I am healthier and stronger then ever before. Keep in mind that Joe Biden, the new president of USA is 76. If he can achieve that at his age you can do amazing thigs too. Its never to late.

The classes will be offered weekly on Tuesdays at 8pm Nepal time (GMT + 5: 45). Length of class is 45 minutes. You may register for as many classes as you like. We will begin with an introductory class and progress slowly each week. As we learn to become flexible and strong we will progress to more advanced yoga postures. This class is designed to be very easy to follow and at a rate that will match the class level of practice. You will be given instructions during the class and then request you to practice on your own for at least a half hour a day. You will be given lots of encouragement along the way to keep you practice enjoyable. Your progress will be your reward and keep you going. Its supposed to be fun and you will find it very enjoyable as you begin to see how great you feel as we progress through the time. This class will be offered for at least a year.

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