The coronavirus has created a lot of fear around the world. The media seems to be eager to make headlines and create hot selling news. The truth is there are many remedies available to protect yourself from contracting the virus. As with the common cold which is a virus the allopathic approach to cure a virus is to prescribe antibiotics. And preventing flu the approach is vaccinate and use strong antibiotics to cure. Yet there is little information about a virus not being effectively controlled or prevented with antibiotics. A virus is not a bacteria and cannot control or heal with antibiotics.
One of the few things that can kill a virus is the common herb garlic. Raw garlic taken in large portions often can kill a virus and more important garlic can protect you from contracting a virus. I recommend eating at least three large cloves of raw garlic twice a day in salads, warm (but not hot) soups or any way you can find a way to eat and enjoy. If you suspect you have a virus up the dosage to 3-4 times a day.
Another remedy that can be used singularly or combined with garlic is Vitamin C, best in crystal or powder form. For resistance and prevention take 5 grams each day. For a cure take 4-5 grams three times a day or until you have symptoms of diarrhoea. In that case decrease to a lesser amount.
I have been using these remedies with amazing results ever since a naturopathic doctor suggested it.
A few more tips can be helpful: drink lots of water, a couple litres a day to help the body flush the pathogens out, cut back on sugar, caffeine fried foods and smoking. Get plenty of exorcise that you enjoy , at least an hour a day.
Hope this helps. Contact me by email if you have questions. Be well, Albert


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