LEARN skills to prevent contracting the virus that is rapidly spreading around the world. A wise man once said: “An ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of Cure ”. You can learn a few simple enjoyable methods to strengthen your body to be able to resist and fight off any viral or bacterial infection now and for the rest of your life! If you are into footbal you know ” the best defence is a good offence”.

At HAPPY HEALTHY POKHARA RETREAT we have developed a program that dramatically boosts your IMMUNE SYSTEM which is the body’s natural ability to attack and destroy any foreign threat to your health and well being. Resistance to disease is accomplished by cleansing the digestive and elimination processes of the body and developing a diet that nourishes and strengthens one’s ability to fight off illness. This approach along with moderate daily body movement and mental and emotional balancing exercises creates a lifestyle that is essentially impermeable to disease. If you have ever thought about doing a detox now is the time to get serious about it. This new virus is not going away fast!

This program is a 3-5 day (your choice) all-inclusive residential retreat package: including yoga, chi qong (beginner or intermediate level), playful body movement, meditation,a colonic (colon cleanse with colema board) enjoyable morning walks through the amazing Seti River Canyon, comfortable private or shared rooms and three complete homestyle healthy meals plus food prep and shopping guidance along with discourses on healthy lifestyle, fruit snacks,and natural defence tips Daily. Massage is optional.

See photos and daily schedule of our detox program on our website listed below. This special program follows the same schedule as our detox program.
LOCATION: Pokhara, Nepal: near the International Mountain Museum. Find us on Google Maps @ Happy Healthy Pokhara Retreat
Contact and book at: 977 9827101313(Whatsapp) or Email: [email protected]
Website: www.pokhararetreat.com
Price: Single room shared is $25/day/person all-inclusive
Single room private is $35/day/person all-inclusive
Groups: ask about reduced prices for groups of three or more people.
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