Detox Program


‘Detox’ is an abbreviation for ‘detoxification’ of the body, mind and strengthening the immune system.

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Two Happy Detoxers

Daily Schedule
Your investment: $39USD/night/1 person, $29/night/person when two or more persons book together. Package includes private room, shared bath and detox meals and all program elements as described below.

7:00 Drink water upon awakening, green tea prepared with fresh lemon, ginger, and lemon grass.
7:30 Go for a guided walk and Meditation in the Seti River Canyon
9:15 Have detox herbs with juice, tea or water
9:30 Yoga and movement class
10:30 Enema (colon cleansing with colema board)
11:00 Breakfast of fresh fruit, yogurt and or just juice if you prefer. Or Drink Herb shake with vegetable or fruit juice.
12:15 Classes on alternative health practices, lifestyle adjustments, and how to apply what you have learned to your daily life when you return home. A time for questions and discussion.
1:15 Have Detox Herbs with juice, tea or water.
1:30 – 6:00 Time to receive a massage(one massage is included in the 5 day program), additional massages by appointment). Free time to rest, walk in nature, trek to a waterfall, swim, venture into town and observe local cultural event, boat ride on the lake or other recreational option. Also this is a time for individual counselling with Albert or Radha upon request.
6:00 Warm vegetable soup and/or vegetable salad for dinner.
7:00 Group support, sharing experience of the day, counselling time, video or local musical entertainment when available.
9:00 Meditation and teachers discourse and discussion.
10:00 Have detox herbs with juice, tea or water, time to sleep.
NOTE: Tea, water and fruit are available all day in moderate detox amounts. Each day each guest receives individual health counselling if desired.
Last Day
Same as daily schedule except guest can begin transition diet: whole fruit and plain, unsweetened yogurt with granola or vegetable omelet with rice for breakfast . Steamed veggies and rice or vegetable soup for lunch.
Dinner not included on last day
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