Diet and weight Control Package Program


This program is essentially the same as the detox programs except that the emphasis is on losing or gaining weight, and maintaining an ideal weight..

We focus on healthy lifestyle, breaking through psychological barriers, unhealthy habits and negative thinking, finding healthy, tasty foods to replace junk food addictions.Package price is $39/person/day, Two or more persons booking together discount price is $29 USD/person/ day.


Together, counsellor and guest look at all elements of ones life: barriers to achieving and maintaining your ideal weight, work and play, health, relationships, family, diet, physical activity, spirituality, and level of satisfaction with present lifestyle. We review your present life situation identifying areas of concern in health, weigh, occupation, and relationships. A look at what is working in your life and what is not. Together we design a program to bring about positive changes for a more satisfying, balanced and soulfully rewarding quality of life. Our counsellor’s 25 years of experience will serve to meet your most deep seated emotional, relational and life purpose challenges especially focused on weight management. You gain insight into negative thinking and behaviour patterns that cause pain in your life and learn ways to break these habits and manage your life in a more peaceful, joyful, healthy way. The motivation to make changes in lifestyle comes first from an understanding of how the mind works, how it can lead you into negativity and failure or into positive change and joyfulness. When you master the mind you can accomplish anything. Change is achieved by gradually applying gentle techniques for long lasting results and an end to the constant battle to maintain your ideal weight.
This Program is designed to be from two to seven days depending on the guests needs and time schedule. It can also be combined with the detox program.

On the first day guests should arrive by 6:00 pm or earlier, settle into their room and enjoy a delicious healthy dinner. In the evening the guests are given a health questionnaire to fill out and an optional urinalysis is taken to determine each individual’s health condition. Based on this information and the guest’s needs the counsellor and the guest will clarify their individual lifestyle issues to be addressed.
Each Day’s schedule:
8:00 Drink water upon awakening, at least one glass or more as you wish. Go for a short walk and /or swim. Enjoy a delicious healthy breakfast.
9:00 Soft yoga, movement to music.
10:00 Counselling session on lifestyle adjustments, and begin learning how to control your mind rather then having the mind control you, learning how to make more positive decisions in life rather then following habitual negative patterns of behaviour. Then learn how to apply these new techniques to your daily life when you return home. Time for questions and discussion.
1:15 –5:00 Receive massage and/or partake in group activity or free time to rest. Activity may be a walk in nature, horseback ride, trek to a waterfall, swim, venture into town or to hot spring, special guest lecture, etc.
5:00 Enjoy a healthy delicious meal
7:00 Group support, sharing experience of the day, counselling time, optional movie or local musical entertainment.
9:00 Counsellor’s discourse about how every action begins with a thought and gaining insight into how our thoughts can lead us to more joy or more pain. More practice on controlling the mind and learning to improve the quality of our life experience.
10:00 Time to rest.

Our counsellor, Albert Schmaedick has an M.A. in clinical psychology and has practiced cognitive restructuring therapy with individuals and families for 25 years. He spent a year working with Ann Wigmore, the pioneer of the living foods and immune function enhancement diet. Before coming to Phu Pai Resort he worked as a health consultant and therapist at the world renowned Chiva Som health resort and at the Evason Earth Spa in Hua Hin,
Thailand. He is an expert in guiding people through lifestyle changes and internal cleansing (detoxification) programs.
By combining his varied training and experience into a comprehensive Program, he offers a truly Holistic Health practice to his clients.
Radha is an expert at prescribing herbal supplements and has three years of social work experience. She is also an advanced yoga teacher and mindfulness meditation teacher. She will be available to assist in your program and offer her knowledge on diet and herbal remedies.
Massage is an available option at $10/hour.
Minimum stay is three days. Your investment: $39 USD/night/1 person, $29/night/2 or more persons booking together, includes room and meals.