Meditation / Mindfulness Program


Learn how to quiet the mind and bring more peacefulness, efficiency and joy in one’s life.


Learn how to quiet the mind and bring more peace and less stress in your life.
You receive three one-hour guided meditations per day plus an hour of yoga practice and ample time to practice on your own. We encourage you to spend as much time as you can in the natural surroundings of our retreat. Walk down to the Seti River Canyon . The walk is an amazing experience to connect with the sounds, colors and healing energy of nature.

Experience several kinds of meditation. These include Guided meditation  for focused attention, Mindfulness meditation (open monitoring ), self-transcending., movement and body awareness meditation,  practical problem solving, laughing meditation, eating meditation, and more.

Your investment: $39 USD/night/1 person or $29/night/ person when 2 or more persons book together, includes room and meals.

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    Detox Program

    ‘Detox’ is an abbreviation for ‘detoxification’ of the body, mind and strengthening the immune system.

  • All Inclusive Residential Package Programs

    Stress Management Residential Package

    This all-inclusive Residential Package Program addresses either overweight or underweight conditions. You will be gently guided by our experienced counselors to overcome the obstacles that stop you from achieving your optimal weight. See details in the program description.
    Your investment: $39 USD /day/person, two or more persons booking together discount price is $29/person/day, includes Room with bath, delicious home prepared food …