Stress Management Residential Package


This all-inclusive Residential Package Program addresses either overweight or underweight conditions. You will be gently guided by our experienced counselors to overcome the obstacles that stop you from achieving your optimal weight. See details in the program description.
Your investment: $39 USD /day/person, two or more persons booking together discount price is $29/person/day, includes Room with bath, delicious home prepared food and all program elements.


Stress Management Program: first it facilitates discernment between healthy motivating stress levels and unhealthy limiting stress levels. It is directed at identifying the source of your stress, (mental, emotional and physical) understanding how it arises, how it gets stuck in your body, and how to manage or eliminate it with physical and mental exercises. Topics covered include:
• Stress level test and evaluation
• How to enjoy getting regular exercise
• Keys to getting adequate sleep
• The low stress diet
• Managing job stress
• Overcoming frustration and anger
• Breaking the cycle of ‘pick-me-ups’ and ‘put-me-downs’
• Reducing anxiety
• Guided meditations to manage stress

Daily Schedule
7:00 Morning stretch and meditation
8:00 Breakfast
9:30 Discourse on the above topics and discussion
11:00 Break
11:30 Discourse on the above topics and discussion
1:00 Lunch
2:00- 6:00 free time and one on one personal interview with teacher
6:00 Delicious healthy dinner
8:-9:30 Discourse, meditation and discussion (also time for video and
audio presentations)

Our counsellor, Albert, has an M.A. in clinical psychology and has practised cognitive restructuring therapy and stress management with individuals and families for 25 years. He spent a year working with Ann Wigmore, the pioneer of the living foods and immune function enhancement diet. Before coming to Phu Pai Resort he worked as a health consultant and therapist at the world renowned Chiva Som health resort and at the Evason Earth Spa in Hua Hin,
Thailand. He is an expert in guiding people through lifestyle changes and internal cleansing (detoxification) programs.
By combining his varied training and experience into a comprehensive Program, he offers a truly Holistic Health practice to his clients.
Radha is a yoga master, herbal supplements adviser and meditation teacher . She will offer her skills and also provide delicious meals tailored to your needs.
Your investment: $39 USD/night/1 person, $29/night/2 or more persons includes room and meals.