The cause of many health problems are a result of incomplete and slow digestion of the food we eat.  Digestion is the process of breaking down the food to its elements so the body can use the energy and building blocks that food provides to rebuild and repair the body. This process is called assimilation.  It’s important for assimilation to be accomplished as rapidly and completely as possible If the process is slow the food settles in the stomach and is not available to be used by the body. Worse yet, undigested food begins to ferment or putrefy causing gas and toxins to develop in the stomach, 100% alcohol being one of the possible toxins. Also lingering food in the stomach provides a perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

Some not so obvious causes of slow assimilation and digestive problems are:

  • Not chewing your food enough. Digestion starts in the mouth. Food needs to be chewed thoroughly to break it down to easily digestible size, chewing at least 15 times or more for heavy foods like meat. Also the saliva in the mouth is a kind of chemical that starts the digestive process, especially for sugars.
  • Drinking water or other liquids with your meal dilutes the natural       digestive chemicals produced in the stomach and slows digestion.
  • Eating when you are upset or stressed out also slows down the digestive process because the body is busy dealing with stress. Better to wait till you are more relaxed or just eat something light and easy to digest like a soup, broth, smoothy or blended food.
  • Eating rapidly or doing something that takes our attention away from eating and enjoying the meal. Ideally eating is best done as an enjoyable relaxed event as often as possible.  

Note: No matter how healthy your food is not following these simple reminders may result in health problems. Enjoy your meals!


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