We are offering a 20+ % discount on our Detox program (see:Home / Programs and Services / Uncategorized / All Inclusive Residential Package Programs / Detox Program). Detoxing now is your best defense to prevent contracting any virus or bacterial infection. We offer this discount to Nepali people only. This is the time to do this retreat if you cannot go to work or school. Use this window of opportunity to do something proactive for your general health. Come spend a few days or longer with us and enjoy a break from your normal busy life. You will enjoy two sessions of yoga, and relaxing meditation and take a walk and a swim in the amazing Seti River Canyon each day. You can also cruise down the river in one of our giant inner tubes. Visiting the Canyon will feel like you are far from the city. Three Healthy delicious vegetarian home prepared meals plus a private room are included. Our retreat is near the International Mountain Museum. If you are a nature lover you will love our retreat. We will offer you a chance to discover a new healthy lifestyle. You deserve this experience. It can be a life changing event.
The standard price for one person is $35 USD/night is reduced to $30. For two or more persons the standard price is $29/person/night is reduced to $25/person/night.
If you cannot attend this now we suggest you eat several cloves of raw garlic and at least one gram of Vitamin C and hot, fresh strong lemon juice three times a day to help resist the virus.
We pray that you will maintain good health during this crisis time.
Be well. Radha and Albert


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