I stayed with Albert and Radha for 5 days to complete the 5 days detox program. I really recommend it to anyone who want to take time off and learn new healthy physical and mental habits to live a healthy life. It was the 1st time I did a detox program and highly enjoyed it, both Albert and Radha are very knowledgeable in terms of which aliments/ herbs to use, how and when in order to make sure your digestive system functions correctly as it can have really bad consequences, both physical and mental otherwise. The food they made was very tasty…
I had already done yoga before coming to their place but Radha taught me new postures and notably some chi qong movements. Yoga with her in the morning really helped me get my energy back…
I also discovered the use of the enema which I had never Heard of before and really helped for the detox. Radha and Albert were both very patients in explaining to me how to use it properly and very careful during the whole process.
I had also done meditation before joining them, but Albert taught me new methods that I’m definitely going to use again. Meditation with them (morning and evening) was always a very enjoyable moment…
I really recommend their program, especially for couples or groups of friends as they can accommodate up to 6 people in their nice house…[the] program gave me plenty of time to read books lent by Albert to understand better the health properties of different aliments, but also books about meditation, poetry etc.
They are both interesting, welcoming and warm-hearted people, you will definitely enjoy hearing Albert’s stories and Radha’s laugh!


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