A typical day of enjoying the neighborhood activity right out in front of our retreat.
Our yoga retreat is a unique adventure for Nepal.
Depicted is our neighborhood ladies doing knitting and chatting together which is a standard pass time among women in Nepal called “bhetghat” in Nepali’. The topic of chat is usually the local gossip. It’s about women’s comradery which is very strong in Nepali culture. The flow of the warm afternoon gatherings displays children laughing and playing nearby with no fear of injury or needing lots of attention, and feeling free and safe. Also you will notice the massive domestic water buffalo roaming freely in the area grazing and enjoying their freedom as well. There are chickens too, scratching for food and running free.Goats frequent the grounds too. So the farm animals have abundant free organic food to feast on and save the farmers lots of money on commercial feed. Two men (not in the picture) are keeping an eye on the buffalo to keep them from getting into trouble upsetting the people or destroying property.
Our Retreat is a place where one can enjoy a connection with the Nepali village farm culture and lifestyle which is refreshingly simple and peaceful. For them its a hard life of physical labor which is not apparent in this picture. The work for them starts at daybreak with chores and food gathering from their gardens and then preparation still often done one wood fires. Laundry is done by hand and as well as gathering feed for the animals by harvesting in the forest .The activity starts again in the evening of feeding themselves and the animals, corralling them and providing hay for bedding. Then there is the labor of farming rice which is also intensive for about six months of the year.
We offer a very unique retreat experience in that we are in a large metropolitan city with all the luxuries, city entertainment and international restaurants, cultural events and shopping and yet the district where we are is still not over developed and adds the flavor of rural farm life and culture; yet only a walk or bus and taxi to town. And Nepal is at the center of outdoor adventure with the tallest mountains in the world with amazing river, lake, trekking, biking and extreme sports in abundance. Radha, the retreat manager, is Nepali and loves to share stories and cultural incites, even teach Nepali cooking. It’s the best of two worlds at your disposal. We offer a hardy welcome. Come as a tourist and leave as a friend.


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